Monday, March 19, 2012

lots of love.

one of the best felling in the world is when ur hugging the person u love and they hug u back even tighter. :)

yes. i miss u.

dis is me when i'm with u

u dont need  someone 2 complete u..u just need sume one 2 to accept u completely!

n just u n me

hope our love will be till da end coz i need ur hug. i wna be ur future wife mr F

when u have something u really love but it causes ur pain, Allah is just testing u to see if ur strong enough to hold it. n thnk Allah for giving me some1 special like mr F.

n to be honest, ur the only one dat iv ever spent dis much tyme an effort on.

its true ma love.

n i hope u 2.

even mostly stiap hri kt jmpe.
they ar many people dat call u be ur name but theirs only one person who cn make it sound so damn special.
n yes u alwys call me 'sayang, my love, dak muchuk,mama'

p/s: syukur dgn kbhgiaan sekarang. ;)

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